Jetboil Minimo Stove Sunset

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Once you hit the summit, bust out your Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System and enjoy a hot cup of tea with an unparalleled view. Ideal for solo backpacking trips and day hikes when you might need something hot to keep you going, this light and compact personal cooking system provides excellent boil time, simmer control, and a convenient cooking cup from which you can eat or drink. At the top of the system is an insulated drink-through lid that doubles as a measuring cup, so you don't end up with runny freeze-dried meals.

Canister fuel system
Compact personal cooking system
Simmer control
Push-button igniter
Fuel canister stabilizer included
Metal handles for cooking and eating
Insulating drink-through lid and measuring cup
MiniMo-sized coffee press compatible
Hanging kit and pot support compatible
Provides consistent performance down to 20F


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